Download Digital Design with CPLD applications and VHDL ebook free. This book starts with an introduction to the basic principles o digital system and explains digital voltage levels, conversion of different number format from each other and digital waveforms. The 2nd chapter is on logic functions and gates, the 3rd chapter is on boolean algebra and combinational logic, simplifying boolean expressions. The 4th chapter is on Altera PLDs and Max+plus 2 PLD design software. This chapter teaches making combinational circuits using schematics, create circuit symbols from schematic and VHDL designs, create hierarchical designs, program the Altera PLD with JTAG interface. Chapter 5 is on combinational logic function in which decoder, multiplexer, demultiplexers, magnitude comparator, parity checker circuit vhdl codes are provided. Digital arithmetic and arithmetic circuits is the subject of chapter 6. Here how to add and subtract unsigned binary numbers, how to write signed binary number in true magnitude, 1's complement and 2's complement forms, add and subtract two signed binary numbers, overflow, add and subtract hexadecimal numbers, BCD codes, gray code, excess code, ascii character to alphanumeric characters, logic circuit for adder and subtractor. Sequential circuit is taught in the 7th chapter- what is the difference between combinational and sequential circuits, set and rest functions of a SR latch and other primaries related to the sequential logic circuit are explained. The 8th chapter is on programmable logic architecture, chapter nine is on counters and shift registers, chapter 10 is on state machine design, chapter 11 is on logic gate circuitry, chapter 12 is on interfacing analog and digital circuits and lastly chapter 13 is on memory devices and systems.
Digital Design with CPLD applications and VHDL

Download Digital Design with CPLD applications and VHDL:


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