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Download Digital Transmission Engineering PDF ebook free

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Download Digital Transmission Engineering book free. The book contains an introduction to digital transmission. The baseband pulse transmission chapter explains the pulse train, interference, eye pattern, signal space analysis. The carrier transmission chapter explains mainly the modulation techniques and the spectrum analysis. The chapter on synchronization contains phase synchronizer, the analog phase lock loop, the PLL responses to noise and digital phase lock loops. The chapter on channels explains characteristics of wires and cables, the telephone channel, the fiber optics, the radio link and link budget, the terrestrial radio channels. The error correcting coding chapter explains the parity check matrix, code performance, trellis coder and decoder. The advanced topics contains and explains the discrete time channel models, equalizers, modulation over the fading channel, non-coherent demodulation, spread spectrum eg DSSS and Pseduonoise sequence and frequency hopping spread spectrum are explained.

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