Download Electrical and Electronics Engineering U.A.Bakshi and V.U.Bakshi. This book is suitable for electrical and electronics undergraduate students. It is written in a concise and easy to understand language which makes it reading worth. This book is recommended to all electrical and electronics freshmen students.

The content of the book are as follows. The first chapter is an introductory chapter on electrical and electronic fundamentals. The second chapter is on DC machines. The third chapter in on transformers, 4th chapter on alternators, the 5th chapter is on 3 phase induction motors, the 6th chapter is on instruments, 7th chapter is on semiconductors physics and diodes, chapter 8 is on transistors and the final chapter 9 is on Cathode Ray Tubes(CRT).

Electrical and Electronics Engineering U.A.Bakshi and V.U.Bakshi

Other quite good from U.A.Bakshi are electronics engineering, analog communication, communication engineering and analog electronics.

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