Download Electronic Devices and Circuits PDF free.
A good book on learning electronics components from transistors is the Electronic Devices and Circuits by K.Lal..Kishore. Download this book from the link below. This book explains the use of semiconductor material, transistor, in making various part of electronics building blocks, which are amplifier, filters, mixers, rectifiers, oscillators and others. It also addresses the design aspect of transistor in a circuit such as biasing and feedback issues. More importantly, the book contains questions and answers on each chapter topics.

The book introduces first, the theory of electron dynamics, electric and magnetic field, the forces of electromagnetic field. Then it explains semiconductor materials, followed by making of transistor, transistor characteristics, rectifiers and filters, amplifiers and amplifiers with feedback, oscillators design. All these chapters have design examples and exercises to train students to grasp how to design and use formula that are available.

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