A Foundation of Digital Communication

Download A Foundation of Digital Communication eBook free. It is a mathematical rigorous written book on parameters like the representation and manipulation of signal parameters, the signal energy, signal power and deduction of important theorems applicable in digital communication. Broadly it deals with signal analysis such as Fourier Series, Hilbert Spaces, Probability Theory and Decision Theory as applicable in Digital Communication.

Inner products applicable in baseband and passband, some modulation techniques such as Pulse Amplitude Modulation, Matched Filters, Nyquist Theory, Orthogonality of signals, Quadrature Amplitude Modulation(QAM), Gaussian Probability Distribution are some of the more Topics
provided in this book.

This book is useful to understand the mathematical underlying concept in digital communication as well as in general communication theory. It is more advanced and more mathematical than other communication theory or RF circuit books. Hence it provides excellent supplement for those who wishes to gain more mathematical insight into communication theory, especially Digital Communication Theory.

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