FPGAs 101 Everything you need to know to get started is a well written and concise book written for beginners to learn FPGA, how to write program, how to stimulate and how to upload the program into FPGA device. It contains lots of example each with testbenches and helpful tips along the way of coding. The book is explained in stages as per the actual design stages- it explains entity and architecture body in VHDL, header section, library, comments, signals and types. After the introduction of primary design rules, the book shows simple designs with codes, then simulation, synthesis, implementation, programming and the appendix contains test-benches examples.

This book greatest attribute is that it is written in simple form, without going into unnecessary details of complex language structure. Instead it shows the steps that are involved in FPGA design in simple way. This gives reader a quick start guide and grasp the fundamental steps involved in learning FPGA. This book is good for beginners and undergraduates and other who want to learn FPGA.

FPGAs 101 Everything you need to know to get started

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