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Download How MRI Works PDF book free

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 Download How MRI Works An Introduction to the Physics and Function of Magnetic Resonance Imaging PDF book free. This is the second edition book of How MRI works by Dominik Weishaupt, Victor D. Koechli and Borut Marincek. The book is an introduction to what MRI is, the underlying MRI physics and working principles. It does not only contain physics and mathematics and theoretical part but also practical information. This thoroughly revised second edition is clearly structured. The underlying physical principles of the MR experiment are described and the basic pulse sequences commonly used in clinical MRI. It progresses to more advanced techniques such as parallel imaging and cardiovascular MR imaging.

First it introduces readers to the world of MRI and then it explains nuclear magnetic resonance, relaxation times, the different types of MRI images and terminologies. After this the MRI scanner from the hardware point of view are explained- the magnetic, the RF and gradient coil, the computer system. Then it continues to more advanced topics of pulse sequence, parallel imaging and Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Deeper down the chapter you can then find other specialized topics on MRI such as MRI contrast agents, MRI artifacts and high field clinical MRI imaging.

To understand MRI one should be familiar with how NMR works. Understanding NMR spectroscopy is an excellent book to read for that. It is not required to understand NMR spectroscopy but it is better to transition from NMR to MRI. This book is useful for students for clinical MRI studies but nevetheless valubale information can be obtained from this book by other professional practitioners.

Thus as the book title suggests, this book is an introduction to MRI. For more advanced topics on MRI and MRI images you can read the MRI from Picture to Proton.

Download How MRI Works PDF free

 Download How MRI Works PDF free:


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