Download Introduction to RF equipment and System Design PDF free. This is a good introductory book on RF system design for beginners. When it comes down to design of actual RF system, beginners often get lost in how to start actual design. Where to start, what are the steps and question like how does a professional RF designer or a RF design company start designing RF system are asked by beginner. This book "Introduction to RF equipment and System Design" written by Pekka Eskelinen is exactly meant to solve beginners problem. This book can be downloaded free from the link provided below.

 The benefit of having this RF design book is incomparable. It teaches RF design from ground up, from specification, to components, to circuit design to final System design and verification. The book starts with specification and goal of the design, standards and regulation, what parameters are important and how to judge system architecture. It contains and explains all RF components, such as connectors, transmission line theory, filters, mixers, oscillators, modulator, demodulators, switches, amplifiers, antenna, impedance matching etc. The final part contains Transmitter/ Receiver Architectures and performance measurements.

This book is useful for fresh graduates, young engineers who are entering the professional life as RF designers. See also schematic/PCB design tutorials on this blog.

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