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Download Linear Functions and Matrix Theory PDF free

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Linear Functions and Matrix Theory is a book that deals with study of linear function in the context of matrix.

The book starts with chapter on linear function where definition of linear functions, local linearity, matrices and more are discussed. The second chapter is linear geometry where linear geometry in the plane, vectors and lines in the plane, linear geometry in space and an introduction to linear perspective are discussed. The third chapter is on systems of linear equations where gaussian elimination method, Gauss-hordan elimination, matrix rank and systems of linear equations and the simplex algorithm are discussed. The 4th chapter is on basic matrix algebra where the matrix product, Fibonacci numbers and difference equations, the determinants, properties and application of determinants, the LU-decomposition are discussed. The 5th chapter is on key concepts of linear algebra in Rn. Here the linear combinations and subspaces, linear independence, basis and dimension, more vector geometry, eigenvalues and eigen vectors of matrices, matrices as linear transformations are explained. The 6th chapter is on vector geometry where dot products, angles and projects and the cross product are the topics. The 7th chapter is on eigenvalues and eigenvectors of matrices, chapter 8 on matrices as linear transformations and chapter 9 is on orthogonality and least-square problems.

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