Download MIMO OFDM Wireless Communication with Matlab PDF  book free. This book contains information on MIMO and OFDM and simulation of MIMO OFDM system using Matlab. It contains 13 chapters as follows. The first chapter is on wireless communication channel where propagation and fading are explained with free space path loss simulation in matlab. The 2nd chapter is on SISO channel model. The third is on MIMO channel model. The 4th chapter is on OFDM. The fifth chapter is on synchronization for OFDM. The sixth chapter is on channel estimation. The 7th chapter is on PAPR reduction. The 8th chapter is on inter-cell interference mitigation techniques. The 9th chapter is on MIMO and channel capacity. The 10th chapter is on antenna diversity and space-time coding techniques. The 11th chapter is on Signal Detection for Spatially Multiplexed MIMO Systems. The 12th chapter is on Exploiting Channel State Information at the Transmitter Side. The final 12th chapter is on Multi-User MIMO.


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