Download PCB Layout Consideration for Switches pdf for free written by National Semiconductor Application engineer. This is a short tutorial on PCB design techniques available to reduce noise.
PCB Layout Consideration for Switches
Switches and regulators are used in variety of application such as signal generators or A/D and D/A converters. These part produce high frequency voltage and current spikes that ultimately becomes a source of noise.

Good PCB design requires the knowledge of how to reduce noise from such parts. This short tutorial provides a guidance for PCB designer to reduce these common noise problem.

It explains first the possible source of noise, their impacts, how to identify them and eliminate or reduce them. It includes identifying the source of coupling field-magnetic and electric field, field cancellation in the circuit, technique to reduce electromagnetic radiation from antenna, reducing high spikes at the output, coupling between signal source, traces and ground plane and others.

Next it explains how to apply the above techniques in PCB circuit board design. Here, component placement strategy, layout strategy with circuit example, signal grounding, bypass capacitor, decoupling, control layout design, gate drive layout and general rule of thumbs are provided.

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