Download Simulation of Dynamic System with Matlab and Simulink ebook free. This book contains examples and case study of how Matlab can be applied as a computation tool to solve real world problem.

In the 1st chapter, Mathematical Modeling example with examples on applying difference equations and discrete time systems and case study example on population dynamics is provided. Then the continuous time system with examples on first order system, second order system, simulation diagram, higher order systems, state variables, non-linear systems and a case study of submarine depth control system are provided. Numerical integration with matlab is the topic of the 3rd chapter. Here Euler integration, trapezoidal integration with examples of discrete time state equations, matrices are provided. Linear System and their analysis using Matlab is provided in the 4th chapter. Here Laplace Transform, Transfer Functions, stability, frequency response, z-Transform are provided with examples.

The simulink is covered starting from chapter 5. First introduction to simulink with how to start a new simulink model, library settings and running a simple model is provided. Then examples of using simulink are provided with transfer function, state-space, algebric loops, subsystem examples, using function blocks examples. Here as a case study, Kalman Filtering simulation with simulink is provided.

The chapter 6 goes back to numerical integration. Here Runga Kutta algorithm, adaptive techniques, multistep techniques, stiff systems. The chapter 7 is on simulation tools that covers steady state solver, linearization, adding blocks to simulink and acceleration in simulation.

Chapter 8 is again on numerical integration. Advanced numerical integration that explains how to deal with dynamic errors, transfer function errors, asymptotic formulas for multistep integration methods, simulation of linear system with transfer functions, stability of numerical integrators and multirate integration are topics covered in this last chapter.

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