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Download Solid State Electronic Devices PDF free

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Download Solid State Electronic Devices, 6th edition written by Ben.G. Streetman and Sanjay Kumar Banerjee ebook free. This book is meant to introduce undergraduates, practitioners and scientists an introduction to semiconductors. This book is regarded as a a good book on introduction to semiconductors and is widely used as engineering textbook in colleges and universities.

It starts with introduction to semiconductors and answering questions like what is semiconductors? types of semiconductors? how are semiconductors fabricated and the processes involved and about the lattice orientation of semiconductors. The second chapters dwells into the constituents of semiconductors. That is the atoms and electrons, the Bohr model, quantum mechanics probabilistic models and atomic structure. Next the binding forces, energy gaps and charge carriers are explained. Next the excess carriers and the propagation of these carriers in semiconductors are explained in more details. The junction in the semiconductors and its functions and effects on the movement of charge carriers are then explained. Types of semiconductors junctions, their operation and analysis is provided in this chapter. Also explained is the metal-semiconductor junction.

The next two chapters is about the different types of semiconductors namely- the bipolar transistors and the field effect transistors. Here the operation of these transistors, biasing, switching and the important effects are explained. The following chapters then explains application where they are used. This includes the optoelectronics, integrated circuits and high frequencies and high power devices. The final chapter is about the p-n-p-n devices. 

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