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Download Solid State Electronic Devices eBook free

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Download Solid State Electronic Devices, 6th edition by Ben.G Streetman and Sanjay Kumar Banarjee eBook free. Written by two senior distinguished professors from Texas University, this book is used by many US universities as an undergraduate textbook on solid state semiconductor device physics.

Solid State Electronic DevicesIt begins with semiconductor crystal and its manufacturing process. The atoms and electrons that make up the device is then explained. The energy band and charge carriers and excess carriers in semiconductor are then explained. A full chapter on semiconductor junction is devoted in details because it is important in understanding the action of the semiconductors in many applications. Bipolar Junction Transistors(BJT), optoelectronic devices, LED(Light Emitting Diodes), Integrated Circuits(ICs), high frequency and high power devices, the p-n-p diode are each explained in different chapters.

The book is very easy to understand. It is especially useful for new comers into electronics semiconductor devices and physics. Even senior engineering students who have not dwell ed into solid state physics will find this book valuable. Graduate students who are looking for deep knowledge on solid state physics that helps in their theses will also find this book very useful.

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