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 The book is used as textbook is used in many engineering colleges and Universities around the globe. The book provides a deep analysis of the communication system and deduction not found in many textbooks. The textbooks starts with introduction to communication systems, analog and digital systems, Signal to Noise Ratio, Bandwidth and rate of communciation, modulation. Then signal is introduced wherein types of signals are explained. This is followed by analysis and transmission of signals. Afterwards comes the Analog linear and exponential modulation and angle modulation. This chapter is followed by a chapter that explains analog to digital communication transition. In this chapter, sampling is explained. The next chapters explains the digital communication system in more details and the recent advancements. Then Theory of Probabilities and random process are explained. The next two chapters discusses the noise in analog and digital communication system. What follows next is the Optimum signal detection, introduction to information theory and ends with error correction and detection.

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