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What is MRI system?

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MRI system is a system composed mainly of three distinguishable systems- the actual magnetic system, electronics hardware/power system and the control system . The magnet room is where the actual magnet(main magnet and coil system) system is found and scanning of the patient happens. The electronics room is where the electronics hardware and power system for the MRI is placed. The control room is where the MRI operator/technician/doctor/engineer will operate and control the MRI scanner.  The following figure shows a typical MRI scanning facility and the MRI system components in different room location.

MRI system

The magnet system in the magnet room is made up of the large static magnet and the coils(RF and gradient). The main magnet has a field strength of usually 1.5T and is made up of superconducting magnets while the RF and gradient coil magnets are made up of either permanent magnets or electromagnets. There are different types of RF coils but usually there is the body coil and the head coil in all MRI scanners. Other than head and body coil you can find specialized coils like the neck coil, spine coil, wrist coil, shoulder coil, breast coil, endo-cavitary coil etc which are meant to take picture of different parts of the body organs.

This magnet system is powered and connected to essential electronics system which are housed inside the electronics room. The electronics room is air-conditioned room to keep the temperature of the hardware low because high power is dissipated in operating the magnetic system. The electronics hardware are the magnetic field generating electronics, the RF pulse generating electronics, power amplifiers, FPGAs, ADC/DAC, duplexers, digital electronics hardware etc.

 The control system of the MRI is located and operated from the control room. The control system is connected to the electronics hardware. The PC in the control room contains all the required software for controlling different parts of the MRI.


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