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A Journey from Robot to Digital Human PDF free download

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Download A Journey from Robot to Digital Human: Mathematical Principles and Applications with MATLAB Programming PDF free.

This is a valuable book on robotics and human modelling using Matlab. That's because it explains in details the theory of robotics and how to use Matlab software for prototyping, simulation and design of human modeled robots. This is perhaps one of the best book on robot design and simulation using matlab. It is clearly written and each part of the topic is explained with figures and matlab codes. It is useful for engineers and scientists and can be used as textbook for undergraduates and graduates students. One example picture of robot modeling using matlab from the book is shown below:

robot modeling using matlab

Digital human modeling is an active research with wide scope in industrial applications. This book outlines and teaches you how you can do human modeled robots simulation and design in Matlab software. These topics are covered by 3 chapters at the end of the book- Digital human modeling- kinetics and statics, 3D monk up and motion generation, dynamics and interactive control. See a picture from the book on human modeling:

Digital human modeling using matlab

Download link for A Journey from Robot to Digital Human PDF:


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