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Chip-Talk electronics project book pdf download free

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Download Chip-Talk The book explains fundamentals of electronics and more than 40 fully tested electronic projects pdf free. The book contains 40 electronics projects that you can build in your home easily plus it contains how to use electronics instrumentation tools, what tools you need and where you can find them. The projects ranges from FM radio transmitter receiver, AM radio transmitter receiver, timer and clock based projects, projects that uses digital IC(Integrated Circuits) etc.

This book (Part 1, in particular) is aimed at budding hobbyists and freshers who desire to step into the fascinating world of electronics, but have little electronics' background. It will impart them necessary knowledge in electronics fundamentals, wiring/assembly of circuits on a breadboard/stripboard etc. and their testing. Even the experienced professionals, who have not kept themselves abreast with the changing technology, will also have something to gain from it. Part 2 of the book, provides complete details of over 40 interesting projects (from elementary to fairly advanced level), which have been duly tested by the EFY Lab. These projects have been picked up out of a list of nearly a thousand circuits that have appeared in EFY magazine over the past decade or so. Additional material has been added to aid understanding of the basic chips (ICs) used in these circuits, with a view to enable their proper assembly and testing.

Chip-Talk electronics project book pdf download free

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