Download Ebook Free: "A First Lab In Circuits and Electronics" authored by: Yannis Tsivids, Published by: John Wileys & Sons Inc.

A First Lab In Circuits and ElectronicsDesigned and written concisely, understanding the difficulty and problem faced by today's students, the author has succeeded in his book "A First Lab In Circuit and Electronics" to solve students mind, their hindrance in understanding electrical and electronics engineering theory and application by emphasizing work and prove theory by experiment. As an example it contains theory and lab instruction to design an electronic circuit to amplify one own voice and listen to it thus learning sensors(microphone), the actuators(loudspeaker) and amplifier design. Moreover it contains modulation of signal, an important, exciting and innovative topic applied in for example in wireless communication. This book is recommended and useful in every academic institution where electrical and electronics and communication subject is taught. Likewise it is useful for anybody whose hobby lies in electrical and electronics or physics. The first step is crucial and the author has undoubtedly understood this and has written a book with meaning and usefulness.

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