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Download Fundamentals of Photonics PDF free

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Download Ebook Free Fundamentals of Photonics by Bahaa E. A. Saleh and Malvin Carl Teich. This is a good introductory text book for engineering graduates and physicists and professional working in the photonics and electronics industry. The book is well organized and therefore easy to understand for new comers and discusses the current and future of photonic communication system. The book describes photonics communication system and components such optics and fiber optics, quantum electronics, optoelectronics and lightwave technology. The first part is about the elementary topics on optics and photonics wherein beam optics, Fourier optics, electromagnetic optics, polarization and crystal optics, guided wave optics, statistical optics are discussed. The second part consist of optical information processing, wherein, Fourier optics, statistical optics, electro optics, acoustic optics and photonic switching and computing. The third part is about quantum electronics where beam optics, resonator optics, photon optics, photon and atoms, laser amplifiers, lasers, photon in semiconductors etc are covered. The next part is optoelectronics where photons in semiconductors, photon source, photon detectors, fiber optics communication etc are explained. The optical electronics and communication part further discusses the components used in the photonic communication systems such as resonators optics, amplifiers and semiconductors. The next part is about lightwave devices and then about communication system using lightwave.

Fundamentals of Photonics

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