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Introduction to Compiler Construction addresses the essential aspects of compiler design at a level that is perfect for today's undergraduate. Working from the basics in Chapter 1, the book provides the clearest, most cohesive treatment of the topic available for the Junior senior-level student. Introduction to Compiler Construction carefully describes how a compiler works; how it is organized; what the terminology is; what the major problems are and how they have been solved. The book presupposes no previous exposure to compiler construction or familiarity with high-level mathematics, automata theory, or formal languages. Patient coverage, reinforcement of key information, rational organization, and a variety of problems and exercises will help students understand basic compiler theory, design, and applications. Introduction to Compiler Construction features: an introduction to important theoretical concepts when their practical utility is most apparent-showing through concrete examples how theory and practice work together worked examples of most of the important techniques, with step-by-step commentary

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