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Download Photonic Crystal pdf free

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Download Free Ebook Photonic Crystal: Physics and Technology written by C.Sibilia, M.Benson, M.Marciniak and T.Szoplik. This ebook contains an introduction to photonic crystal, the photonic band gap, channel waveguides through photonic crystals, physics of slow bloch sphere modes and application. This chapter goes into details of photonic physics explaining questions like what are photonic crystals, why we need photonic crystals? and how they work. The next part of the book is concerned with the non-linear properties of photonic crystals and chapters include quasi phase matching, lattice structure, wave equation, conversion efficiency etc. The harmonic generation in nanostructure:metal nanoparticles and photonic crystal is the next chapter that is addressed. The next chapter is the ultra-fast optical reconfiguration via non-linear effects in semiconductor photonic crystals, nonlinear optics with photonic-crystal fiber. The third part is about technology, integration and active photonic crystal. This ebook is useful for optical wireless communication. This part describes the photonic band gap structures, emission control, silicon based photonic crystals and nanowires. The following fourth part is the characterization and measurement of nanostructure which includes chapters on near infrared optical characterization technique for photonic crystals, characterization technique for planer optical microresonators, on SNOM resolution improvement and the last chapter is about simulation of photonic crystals. The simulation of photonic crystals chapter includes time domain and frequency domain analysis, slow wave structure, photonic wire, second harmonic generation, plane wave admittance methods and its application on modelling photonic crystal structure, eigenmode, modelling of PC-VCSELs with PWAN.

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