RF and Microwave Transmitter Design (Wiley Series in Microwave and Optical Engineering) Download RF and Microwave Transmitter Design free by Andrei Gerbennikov. This is a comperhensive book on RF and Microwave Transmitter Design where essential topics related to the pratical RF transmitter design is discussed. It contains two port parameter discussion, pi and T networks, lumped elements, transmission lines. The transistors are discussed in the second chapter. Impedance Matching is the subject matter of the third chapter. The power transformers and filtersare discussed in the 4th and 5th chapters. The 6th chapter is on modulation and modulators. Mixers and multipliers are discussed in the 7th chapter. Oscillators, phase locked loop, power amplifiers are subsequently addressed in the following chapter. The last chapter is about the various transmitter architectures.

This book is a good book to learn RF design and microwave design. It touches both system to circuit level design with examples. Examples of application of transmitter in different application such as RADAR, Television and other wireless communication system gives reader a good understanding about the RF design.

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