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To Engineer is Human PDF download free

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To Engineer Is Human: The Role of Failure in Successful Design by Henry Petroski free download.
How did a simple design error cause one of the great disasters of the 1980s – the collapse of the walkways at the Kansas City Hyatt Regency Hotel? What made the graceful and innovative Tacoma Narrows Bridge twist apart in a mild wind in 1940? How did an oversized waterlily inspire the magnificent Crystal Palace, the crowning achievement of Victorian architecture and engineering? These are some of the failures and successes that Henry Petroski, author of the acclaimed “The Pencil,” examines in this engaging, wonderfully literate book. More than a series of fascinating case studies, “To Engineer is Human” is a work that looks at our deepest notions of progress and perfection, tracing the fine connection between the quantifiable realm of science and the chaotic realities of everyday life.

To Engineer is Human

Why do buildings and bridges suddenly collapse, or why do airplanes fall out of the sky ? Even though since the start of the industrial revolution the relative number of disastrous accidents has gone down, it is still a daily event. Some great examples are given (most prominently the walkway of a Houston hotel that collapsed during the opening ceremony) with pictures and detailed analysis. Great stuff even for non civil-engineers since with some imagination you may learn some more general design lessons.

The editorial side of the book is less impressing, most facts and interpretations are repeated 3 or 4 times throughout the book (excluding the introduction and back flap) so I never got further than 3 quarters into it, preventing myself from another deja vu. In any way, a very important and useful read.

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