Download Using LEDs, LCDs and GLCDs in Microcontroller Projects by Dogan Ibrahim PDF free.

This book teaches how to interface microcontroller to input and output devices like LEDs, normal LCDs and GLCDs(Graphics LCDs). This is important as ultimately, the microcontroller has to be connected to the external world via the input and output devices.

In this book you will find projects which illustrates how to connect microcontroller with LEDs, LCDs, HD44780 Controller, Write Data to CGRAM or DDRAM, GLCDs along with complete C microcontroller programs. Projects includes simple LED projects, then more advanced projects like 7 segment display projects, then text based LCD projects and even touch screen graphics LCD projects.

The microcontroller used in this book is the PIC18F Microcontroller, more specifically the PIC18F2410 Microcontroller. The programming language for the microcontroller is the mikroC.

Using LEDs, LCDs and GLCDs in Microcontroller ProjectsThe book starts with introducing basic electronics devices, then introducing the PIC18F microcontroller, its architecture and how it works, how it is programmed. Then after this hardware introduction, the book then goes into software. Here the readers are introduced to the microC programming language for the PIC microcontroller and the IDE(Integrated Development Environment) for programming the microcontroller. Besides this, the readers are taught the PIC build-in functions and libraries and how to use them to make the program more effective. Finally, the readers are aquainted with PIC Microcontroller Development Tools - the PIC18F4XK20 Starter Kit, the PIC16F887 Development Kit,  the EasyPIC6 Development Board.

At the end you can find complete projects.

Download link:,_LCDs_and_GLCDs_in_Microcontroller_Projects.pdf

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