One can get often confused about little obvious thing or thought to be easy thing to do. But how do you disable the grids that appears in the PCB layout in Altium Designer PCB design software? Why you want to disable them at first place? well sometimes you just want to have a look at the PCB layout with them because they view you an annoying view. The grids are very useful though during the placements of components onto the PCB and there are other reason for having them. There might be recommended way of disabling the grid by altium designer but here is one way of how you can also disable or remove the grid from the PCB view.

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Just right click on your PCB layout and select Snap Grid and set it to 1Mil or 0.025mm,

This will effectively remove the grid view in Altium designer,

Now the view is much nicer and clearer which you might want to do certain things in your design.

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