Download PIC Microcontroller An Introduction to Hardware and Software Interfacing by Han-Way Huang PDF ebook free. The book explains what microcontroller is, what it can do for you, how to start programming the microcontroller, how to interface microcontroller with the external circuits, what tools to use for programming the microcontrollers, what options you have for doing this etc. The book is full of exercises starting from creating project, compilation, debugging and downloading the firmware into the microcontroller. The book is helpful for students, teachers, hobbyist and anybody who is interested in learning PIC Microcontroller which are widely used micro controllers in the industrial applications.

The book explains first fundamentals about computer and computer software(assembly language and high level language). Then it explains PIC18 microcontroller, it's architecture, it's memory, instruction sets, addressing modes and also an overview of other 8 bit microcontroller unit from motorola, ATMEL, Motorola. The 2nd chapter explains in details the PIC18 assembly language and programming through assembly language. The 3rd chapter is one PIC 18 development tools. In this compilers, assemblers, debuggers and Integrated Development Environment tools are explained. How to use the MPLAB IDE is explained starting with project creation and successful compilation. The 4th chapter goes more into details of assembly programming language where arithmetic operation involving data types- signed integers... , subroutines, string processing are explained. The C language is the topic of the 5th chapter where it is taught the basic programming of microcontroller using C. A tutorial work through is also provided until successful compilation of project. The 6th chapter deals with interrupt, reset and configuration. Parallel ports, Timers and CCP modules, addressable USART, serial peripheral interface, inter-integrated circuit interface, analog to digital converter, controller area network, internal and external memory programming and at the end expansion and system configuration and protection are explained.

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