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QPSK modulator design with Matlab-XilinxSystem Generator

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The design and implementation of QPSK modulator using Matlab System Generator and Xilinx ISE for FPGA implementation is described in this post. The matlab v2014 and xilinx ISE v14.7 has been used in this tutorial.
Open the system generator from the start> xilinx design tools-

 The matlab with open and you have to click on the simulink library browser. Then create a new model and save the model somewhere in suitable directory/folder.

The xilinx blockset is shown below-

Now construct the QPSK modulator model as shown below,

QPSK System Generator Model
Click the Run button in the toolbar. The output waveform of the digital signal and the qpsk waveform are shown below,

QPSK waveform system generator
QPSK waveform system generator

The QPSK waveform has square edges because system generator takes discrete sample of the input smooth sinusoid signal.

Once the system generator model is complete, the next step is to generate the HDL netlist (the vhdl or verilog synthesis). Double click on the system generator token and it will open the setting interface as shown,
system generator  Select the appropriate devices and then hit the Generate button. This will create the HDL netlist in the hdl netlist folder. The processing is shown by system generator illustrated by the picture below,

The next step is to open the generated HDL netlist in the xilinx. Open Xilinx, and click on open project and browse to the HDL netlist folder.

This is shown below,
Xilinx QPSK modulator
Xilinx QPSK modulator

Now just Run to synthesize and implement the design.

The schematic of this QPSK modulator is shown,
QPSK modulator HDL schematic
QPSK modulator HDL schematic

The content of the above block is shown below,

QPSK modulator HDL schematic
QPSK modulator HDL schematic

The next step would be to generate the configuration files and fed into the xilinx FPGA.

Thus simpel steps for generating QPSK modulator was demonstrated using Malab system generator and Xilinx.

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