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Download Modern Antenna Design PDF Free

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Download Modern Antenna Design 2nd edition pdf free. This book written by Thomas A. Milligan presents antenna design fundamental theory to application covering and explaining different types of antenna. It presents various kinds of antenna in a systematic manner which makes reading easy to follow.

Modern Antenna Design pdf free downloadIt starts with introductory chapter on antenna where fundamental antenna theory and antenna properties are covered. The 2nd chapter is on radiation structure and numerical methods. The 3rd chapter is on Antenna Arrays. The 4th chapter is aperture distributions and array synthesis. Dipoles, slots and loops are covered in chapter 5. Here dipole antenna design used as TV antenna in the past is covered. Microstrip antenna which is popular in today's handheld communication devices is covered in chapter 6. The other types of antenna Horn, reflector, len, are covered in chapter 7, 8 and 9. Chapter 10 is on traveling wave antennas and chapter 11 is on frequency-independent antennas. The final chapter is on phased arrays.

Download Modern Antenna Design PDF Free

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