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Modern control design with MATLAB and SIMULINK PDF free download

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Download Modern control design with MATLAB and SIMULINK PDF free.

From the book:

Modern control design with MATLAB and SIMULINKA direct approach to control system design.

Modern Control Design - with MATLAB and SIMULINK offers a straightforward treatment of control system theory and applications. It is a unique amalgam of classical and state-space design techniques, with MATLAB/SIMULINK examples interwoven with the text. Contemporary engineering control systems of various kinds are covered in a clear and concise manner, and the book is written with enthusiasm in an inspiring style. The overall result is a mathematically rigorous coverage of essential topics, without undue formal drudgery, or excessive theoretical detail. The material is arranged in such a way that concepts evolve in a logical manner, whereby appropriate techniques fit like a glove.

A broad spectrum of topics ranging from classical control to optimal, robust, digital, and nonlinear control are included. Advanced topics such as H-infinity design and -synthesis also feature in this comprehensive textbook. Whereas other controls engineering textbooks are inclined to dwell more on the evaluation of controls formulae and rules of application, this book emphasizes 'in-line' execution of control techniques to non-trivial application problems through MATLAB, in order to produce, visualize and investigate results. This hands-on scheme of learning is effective in grasping and appreciating controls concepts.

A number of exercises are found at the end of the chapters, with numerical answers provided to some exercises. Numerous design examples from all engineering disciplines, along with the author's simple approach in explaining theoretical concepts, make this book an ideal text for students, as well as a valuable professional reference.
* Not just another MATLAB book, because it lends intimate acquaintance with the "why" and "what" of control concepts, and the underlying theory.

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