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How to create sampled based signal in simulink

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This is the 3rd tutorial part of Modeling Digital Communication Systems using Simulink. In this tutorial we want to share how to create a sampled based sinusoidal signal in Simulink. In the previous tutorial we used time based signal, for that see Modeling digital communication systems using Simulink and the 2nd tutorial How to generate multiple sinusoid signal in simulink.

The simulink model of the previous tutorial is reshown below.

To make the sine wave a sampled signal, double click on the Sine Wave source block. There change the Sine Type to Sample based, change Samples per period to 10 and also change the Sample time to 0.1.

Now if you observe the sine wave block it will change to something like a staircase block. This hints you that that block is a sample based source block.

Next if you run the simulation you will see the following graph in the Scope.

So in this way you can change the time based sine signal to sampled sine wave signal.

This is simulink tutorial. For matlab programming based tutorial see matlab tutorial page. See also the matlab book PID and Predictive Control of Electrical Drives and Power Converters Using MATLAB/Simulink PDF free download.

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