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What is Model Explorer in Simulink

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This is the 5th tutorial on Modeling digital communication systems using Simulink. Here we explain a little bit about what Model Explorer is in Simulink?

Model Explorer is a tool available in Simulink to provide the user with the ability to view, modify or add elements in the Simulink model and workspace variables. Model explorer is used to get overall view of your simulink model. It is useful tool to view all the blocks and elements that has been used in your model. This is especially useful if your simulink model is large with lots of blocks and elements.

For example considering the previous simple sine wave simulink model(see how to export simulink data to matlab workspace), reshown below, we can all blocks and their properties in Model Explorer.

To open the model explorer, select Model Explorer under the View tab in the Simulink model window. The model explorer window will open and you should see the following,

At the center pane, you can see the menu panel which lists all the blocks in the simulink model. So you get one view of all the blocks contained in the current simulink model and properties.

To know properties more in details about some block like the sine wave block, click on that block and you should see,

Upon selection you can see the properties of the block on the right side pane. You can change the properties like amplitude, frequency and so on there. So this is another way of changing the properties of a block in simulink.

In the example tutorial How to generate multiple sinusoid signal in simulink we showed you how to create two sinusoid signal using the sine block. There we entered [1 10] in the frequency field to set frequencies to 1 and 10Hz. The same thing can be done from the model explorer. To do this, open the Callbacks tab in the right-hand panel of the Model Explorer window, and in the PreLoadFcn* enter f = [1 10] as seen in figure below.

We will show you other things that you can do in the Model Explorer. For now we hope you now understand What Model Explorer is in Simulink.

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