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What wires should be used for Antenna?

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The selection of antenna wire effects the radiating capability of an antenna. Antenna are transducers to convert electrical energy to electromagnetic energy and vice versa. You cannot just use any wire but should use one that is mechanical strong and good conductivity. Mostly solid wire and stranded wire are used for antenna.

 A solid wire is made up of single thick strand of copper or copper alloy is used for antenna. Copper wire is one good example of such solid wire. Copper wire are used extensively as house hold electrical wires. But they are expensive and do not have the mechanical properties to withstand the outdoor environments such as wind for example. Ans so alloy of copper is often used. One example is copper clad wire. This type of wire is made up of solid steel core coated with copper on the outside. The steel is there to provide the strength. A steel is not good electrical conductor. At this point it should be mentioned that aluminum is also not used for antenna.

Stranded wire are often used for antenna also. They are made up of couples of thin wires twisted together. The benefit of using stranded wire for antenna is the ability to bend the antenna to desired shape and more importantly the mechanical strength it has. Stranded wire antenna are good antenna both electrically and mechanically.

The usual wires size used for antenna are the AWG 14 and AWG 16. Larger size would be great but they are expensive and have not significant better electrical properties than that of AWG 14 and 16. However they are mechanical more stronger. The smaller on the other hand are probably better but  on the account of their mechanical strength they are not used usually.

Following table is a table for AWG wires.

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