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How to add 3D step model in Proteus

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In this tutorial you will learn how to add 3D step model in Proteus professional electronics and PCB design software. Proteus allows you to add 3D step models to your components. 3D modeling is helpful feature to view the design you have created. With 3D modeling you can anticipate how your end design looks like, you can share it with your friends, boss or clients. Proteus can import mechanical STEP, IGES models and 3DS visual models.

Consider that you have made a circuit schematic. Then to add 3D step model open the ARES PCB layout editor. The one in this tutorial looks like the following.

How to add 3D step model in Proteus

At this point the 3D view of the PCB looks like the following.

The RJ11 socket in this project does not look so good. So we want to add 3D step model for RJ11 socket so that 3D PCB looks more realistic. To do this we download 3D step model for RJ11 socket. There are many website which offers such step model for free. One of the is 3D ContentCentral( So visit this site, register free account and search for RJ11 socket. The one used in this tutorials is shown below.

Select STEP(*.step) as the Format and download it.

Now extract the downloaded file in some folder. You will see the following.

The 3D step model file is User Library-RJ11-WE-HOR-TAB-UP.STEP. We can rename it so that its name is more sensible. Rename it like RJ11-SOCKET.STEP

Now copy or cut this RJ11-SOCKET.STEP file and put it int the MCAD folder in your Proteus installation path.

Now we are ready to attach this model file to our RJ11 socket in proteus.

Go back to the PCB editor in Proteus. Right click on the RJ11 socket connector and choose 3D.

In the window that shows up, choose M-CAD(STEP or IGES) File, then in the File name field browse to the location of the RJ_SOCKET.STEP step file that you had just saved in the Proteus MCAD folder.

With The Rotation and Offset, orient the model to align with the pins and drill of the footprint.

How to add 3D step model in Proteus

Click OK and the 3D step model attached to the RJ11 socket. The PCB should be updated and the 3D view will show the newly attached 3D model RJ11 socket.

So in this way we showed you how you can add 3D step model in Proteus.

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