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How to unroute all routed traces in Proteus

By Applied Electronics - Wednesday, April 26, 2017 2 Comments
In this PCB tutorial you will learn how to unroute all the routed traces in Proteus. Consider that you have designed PCB and you routed all the nets manually or using auto-router tool. Next you find that the routing is not acceptable or for any other reason you have to delete or unroute all the traces.

For those who does not know what is proteus, it is a PCB design software as well as schematic and circuit simulation software. It is like any other PCB design software like Altium Designer but Proteus is electronics beginners friendly.

Following is an example of routed PCB in Proteus.

Next for some reason we don't like the routed traces and we want to delete all the traces, that is unroute all the traces.

To do this, first select track mode as shown.

After that right click and select all the routed nets.

Now there are two option to unroute(delete) the routed nets.

The first is simply to press delete key in the keyboard. All the traces will then be unrouted.

Or, you can right click once you have selected all the nets and then click on the Block Delete option as shown.

Once you have deleted all the traces you will see the following unrouted nets.

We hope you like our short tutorial on Proteus PCB design.

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  1. çok uğraşıyorum bir türlü proteusla devreyi çizemiyorum

    1. its easy, keep trying and watch youtube videos