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What is Ipython and how to launch it

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In this python programming tutorial we explain What is Ipython is and how to launch it. We also state some of the feature of Ipython.

If you have ever used python programming language then you might have come across Ipython. So what is Ipython? Iphyon is a command shell much like the DOS command shell which you use in as cmd command shell in your computer. Ipython is a command shell however is much more evolved. It supports interactive computing. It encourages execute explore workflow to maximize productivity in software development and interactivity. It also includes a rich GUI console with inline plotting, a web-based interactive notebook format, and a lightweight, fast parallel computing engine.

If you want to learn python programming or software developer, we highly encourage you to use Ipython. Many python based IDE(Integrated Development Environment) has built in Ipython. One of such IDE is Spyder that you can also install with the Anaconda package.

How to launch Ipython?

 The most basic way to launch Ipython is to open the cmd command prompt. Then type in Ipython.

Ipython shell starts with In[1]: just like regular python starts with symbol >>>.

Once you have launched Ipython you can just start typing python statements.

Some features of Ipython shell
  • Tab completion
  • Introspection
  • run command using %run <filename>
  • Many shortcuts
  • Magic Commands
  • Integration of Ipython in other code editor software or IDE
  • Clipboard code execution
  • Exceptions and Tracebacks
  • Qt-based Rich GUI Console
  • Command History
  • Interacting with the Operating System
  • Debugger
  • IPython HTML Notebook

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