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Making RN-52 Bluetooth Breakout Board at Home

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Here you will see illustration of home made RN-52 Bluetooth module Breakout Board. The RN-52 Bluetooth module only is manufactured by Microchip but breakout board is made by others like Sparkfun. Shown below is RN-52 Bluetooth module.

As you can see the pins are difficult to interface with. So if this is to be made useful then we have to add breakout board which is what we going to show here.

The first step is to print out the PCB layout for the RN-52 breakout board. This is shown in the previous tutorial How to make PCB at home using Altium Designer. Once you have printed out the PCB layout(double sided) then you can see here what was obtained.

The picture below shows the RN-52 PCB print on the copper board, both the bottom copper and top copper.

As you can see there is black colored paint on the PCB print. A permanent marker was applied to places where the toner was not transferred properly and also just to ensure that there are no coppers left in the places where we don't want them to be.


After acting the Ferric Chloride solution onto the PCB board we get the following etched circuit board.



Then using toner remover Nail Polisher or Acetone, the toner was removed to expose the underneath copper.



So in this way a breakout board for RN-52 Bluetooth was made at home pcb fabrication. The next step is to reflow solder or iron solder the RN-Bluetooth onto this board.

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