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Telephone Call Receiver Circuit

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Ever wanted to make a telephone call receiver then this project is for you. Here we show how to design a telephone call receiver which you can use to talk to your friend on the other side of the line. It does not have dialer so you cannot initiate a call but you can only receive call. A buzzer will ring if there is a call and you can to manually switch on the circuit to receive the call.

The telephone call receiver circuit is shown below.

As shown the telephone line from telephone company goes into jack J1. Usually red and green wire are used. The red wire should be connected to the switch in the above circuit. The switch as you can see is initially connected to the Buzzer.

After hearing the buzzer sound. The switch can be manually switched to the upper position. Then the call is received. The diode bridge is there for polarity reversal protection. After that there are two main sections of the receiver. One is the transmitter which comprises of the condenser microphone, the BC548 transistor with its supporting capacitor and resistors. The receiver section consist of the the LM386 audio power amplifier, the 8Ohm loudspeaker and supporting capacitor and resistor components. The gain of the LM385 power amplifier is achieved using the 100KOhm potentiometer.

Now the following picture shows the actual telephone call receiver circuit.


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