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What is audio bluetooth module?

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Audio bluetooth modules are IC(Integrated Circuits) that allows you to stream high quality audio via wireless bluetooth link. Suppose you have a computer which has MP3 music which you want to transmit wirelessly via bluetooth. Then in such case you can use audio bluetooth module, connect it PC via USB or bluetooth and resend the music from computer to the bluetooth module and from bluetooth module to your cell phone or bluetooth headset.

Why it is specifically called audio bluetooth? It is specifically called audio bluetooth because not all bluetooth module supports high quality audio such as MP3, MP4 streaming over wireless bluetooth link. There are generally two types of bluetooth IC according to the type of data they can transmit, receive and process. They are data type bluetooth module and audio type bluetooth module. Now because audio signals requires different kinds of digital signal processing, different kinds of data rate are available and other factors, the bluetooth protocol stack is different for data and audio. Generally, an audio bluetooth module has Digital Signal Processors build into the bluetooth IC to process audio signal. Also for low errors and other wireless channel factors, the modulation/demodulation processes have to be accounted and hence the analog front end of the data bluetooth module and audio bluetooth module are different. But it is not that you will find only data bluetooth module or audio bluetooth module. In fact, a bluetooth module may support both data and audio or data only.

Example of data type bluetooth module are RN41, RN42, HC-05, HC-06 etc. Examples of audio bluetooth module are RN-52 module.

As said earlier, the audio bluetooth IC are more complicated than the data type bluetooth module. In the language of bluetooth community, the various types of services that bluetooth technology can supports are called Profiles- Data Profile and Audio Profile.

For example the RN-52 bluetooth module supports both data and audio. But consumer buys it for audio application since data type bluetooth are much less expensive. The following picture shows the names of the data and audio profiles that are available in RN-52 bluetooth module.


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