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Why PIC18F4550 microcontroller?

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The PIC18F4550 is an advanced microcontroller manufactured and sold by microchip(www.microchip.com). One of the reason why people choose and use this PIC microcontroller is that, this PIC supports USB communication. So when you have project where you need USB connection then this microcontroller can be helpful. Besides USB, other reasons for choosing this microcontroller is that it has clock speed of 48MHz which for microcontroller is very fast. Then in terms of memory it has 32K flash program memory and 2048 Bytes of SRAM memory. Also one difference between PIC16 and PIC18 like PIC18F4550 is that it has internal clock source.

 Besides these reasons, it supports all peripheral port connections of microcontrollers. Like it has internal 10 bit ADC(Analog to Digital Converter), PWM(Pulse Width Modulation), Interrupt and Timer, voltage comparison, USART, I2C and SPI(Serial Peripheral Interface).

One other difference between this PIC18 version microcontroller vs other version of PIC microcontroller like PIC16 is that, it supports latched port. What it means is that, once we write digitala value to a port or port pin, next time when we read the same port pin, it might have changed. The value written to port pin are not saved(or latched) in midrange PIC microcontroller like PIC16 or PIC14. And when we try to read back what we just wrote to the pin, we might get different value because other external devices are connected to the port pin that changed the value. But with PIC18F4550 and other PIC18 microcontroller, the value written to port pin are latched so that if we need to read in the value just written we can do that.

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