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Today as most of communication is moving towards wireless design, antenna design is becoming increasingly important. However with demand of antenna design and designers the design complexity is also increasing.

The following are links for patch antenna design tutorial series using CST microwave studio.

Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna Design Tutorial

1st part- Patch antenna design with CST microwave (calculation of dimensions)
2nd part- Design of Microstrip Patch Antenna using CST microwave studio(actual design in CST)
3rd part- Inset Fed Patch Antenna Simulation and Result

 Circular Patch Antenna Design Tutorial

1st part - Circular Patch Antenna Design tutorial
2nd part- Circular Patch Antenna Design tutorial, 2nd part
3rd part- Circular Patch Antenna Design tutorial, 3rd part

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  1. Hi, Any one has Antenna Magus complete to share? thanks

    1. Antenna Magus is here: