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Embedded System

An embedded system is a microprocessor driven system including memory, I/O ports and supporting devices designed to operate in real time and perform specific task with minimum intervention from human operator. They are application specific designed system used for the control and automation for that system such as microwave oven controller embedded system, washing machine controller etc. They are used in house hold application, industrial plant controls and almost anywhere where real time control and automatic are required.

Features of Embedded System are:
  • Performs specific funtions
  • Not programmable by the Users
  • Operates in real time
  • Real Time Operating System(RTOS) is used
  • Firmware is the program which controls the system
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Designed to work in various environmental condition- temperature, pressure etc

What is embedded systems design?

Embedded Systems design is the design of application specific system integrating various functional parts both hardware and software to provide the functions required by the application.  The following diagram illustrates an embedded system designed for multimedia application.

Embedded System Design
In the above diagram, the multimedia application embedded system contains various components having their own work but are integrated together both in hardware and software to provide multimedia application.

Thus an embedded system design requires designing both hardware and software optimized and integrated to work in real time.

The following figure usual components required for embedded hardware development-

hardware for embedded system design
The following figure shows components for embedded software development -

component for embedded software development

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