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Matlab is a software for algorithm prototyping, modelling of system and creating GUI. It is ideal software for students in all engineering and science sector and for professional engineers and scientist.

This blog contains matlab tutorials related to electronics and communication system design and simulation that are be helpful to engineering students. See below the list of tutorials.

Matlab HDL Coder Tutorials

1. Generate VHDL code from Matlab Code
2. MODEM design illustration using Matlab/ Xilinx System Generator
3. Encoder/Decoder design and verification using Xilinx System Generator
4. Quick Guide steps for using Matlab HDL coder with Xilinx ISE
5. Configuring Matlab Simulink with Aldec Active HDL
6. Active-HDL to Simulink Model
7. Basic 4 Steps to generate HDL code from Simulink
8. How to easily generate HDL codes for Digital Filter using Simulink DSP tool
9. How to configure VHDL Software Synthesis Tool in HDL WorkFlow Advisor?
10. Designing VHDL Adder circuit using Matlab
11. 1 to 4 demultiplexer VHDL code | Cosimulation with Matlab
12. 2 to 4 VHDL code generation using Matlab 

Digital Design & Circuit Tutorials

1. BCD Parity Check Encoder
2. Encoder/ Decoder design and verification using Matlab-Xilinx System Generator

Electronics Circuit Design and Simulation Tutorials

2. Double Superheterodyne Receiver Front End Design and Simulation using Matlab SimRF

Analog Modulation Tutorials

1. FM and PM wave generation using Matlab
 2. 4-QAM simulink in Matlab
3. Matlab Frequency and Phase Modulation

Digital Modulation Tutorials

BPSK Modulation

1. BPSK in Simulink
2. Simulink BPSK Model

QPSK Modulation

1. QPSK Signal Generation
2. QPSK Simulink Model
3. QPSK Modulator design with Matlab-Xilinx System Generator(FPGA)

Quadrature Modulation Modelling using Matlab

Energy/ Power Tutorials

1. Energy Spectral Density and Power Spectral Density
2. Power Spectral Density of Polar Signals
3. Power Spectral Density of On-Off Signals
4. Energy and Av.Power of a continuous signal
5. Energy and Av.Power of a discrete signal

Probability of Error, BER Tutorials

1. Average Probability of Error of Orthogonal Signalling
2. Probability of Error and Channel Capacity vs SNR/bit for BPSK Modulation
3. Calculating Probability of Error for PSK Modulation

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