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On this page you will find tutorials that shows you how to write C program for 8051 or MCS51 based microcontroller. You will also find tutorials that shows you what software and tools you need to start coding and verifying the codes.

You should start learning programming microcontroller in C by first knowing what software are used to write the programs. Keil is an industry standard IDE for this but there are also others like Code block and Franklin Proview 32.

After you have the required software. start learning using C program to control the Microcontroller Port pins. After that the how to control the entire port, that is, sending data to port and receiving and saving data from the port. Once you know how to write basic C programs then start learning controlling external devices such as ADC, DAC, LCD, Keypad, motor, memory devices and so on.

Video Tutorials

Here are some video tutorials that helps you getting started.
Now below are written tutorial on microcontroller. You can find C code for the microcontroller in the posts below.

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