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This page contains links to microcontroller tutorials and projects found in this blog. The tutorials teaches the basics of how to design schematics and create programs for the microcontroller and how to debug and stimulate the design. See an overview of Microcontroller Schematic Design Software for explanation of using microcontroller circuit design software.

Schematic design software and program simulator or emulator are required for designing or prototyping microcontrollers. Proteus and MPLAB are widely used for creating schematics and programming for PIC microcontollers. These two software are used in the tutorials.

Following are some PIC microcontroller tutorials using MPLAB,
  1. How to install CCS C compiler
  2. C program and simulation to control LED 
  3. C program to wire and send characters to LCD display
  4.  C program control ADC module 
  5. Single LED On/Off using PIC microcontroller with Proteus 
  6. Alphanumeric Character display on LCD with PIC microcontroller using Proteus 
  7. 7 segment display with PIC and Proteus 
  8. LCD and LCD controller with PIC and Proteus Communication System Development using PIC Microcontroller and Proteus, Mplab

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