Modeling digital communication systems using Simulink | applied electronics engineering


Here you can find free simulink tutorials for modeling digital communication systems.

Beginning with Simulink 

In this series of tutorial you will learn how to create new simulink model, how to add blocks, how to perform simulation, how to change properties of blocks directly and via model explorer, how to create time based and sample based sine signal, how to create multiple sinusoid signals, how to export data from simulink to matlab, how to customize simulink scope.

1. Modeling digital communication systems using Simulink
2. How to generate multiple sinusoid signal in simulink
3. How to create sampled based signal in simulink
4. How to export simulink data to matlab workspace
5. What is Model Explorer in Simulink
6. How to customize Scope in Simulink
7. What is Model Configuration Parameters in Simulink

Modeling Sinusoid signal in Simulink

These tutorial are designed to help you learn how to use different tools in simulink using simple sinusoidal signal. We show how to model sinusoid signal and observe its proproties like Power Spectrum, export to matlab workspace.

8. Export data, view waveform and calculate power of Sinusoid in Simulink 
9. How to determine the Spectrum & Power Spectrum of a Sinusoidal Wave in Simulink

BPSK Bit Error Rate(BER) Performance

In these tutorial you will begin with how to model BPSK digital communication system in Simulink. Then you will learn how to determine the Bit Error Rate(BER) of BPSK modulation/demodulation scheme.

10. Basic BPSK digital communication system with AWGN in Simulink
11. Determination of BPSK BER performance under AWGN


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